Architectural Alchemy Accessories

Join me in my studio on September 25 from 1:00- 7:00 pm

This one-day workshop where each project will build on the next will push you to create pieces that will set you apart. Digging through my vast collection of architectural salvage will have you scouring bins to find the perfect piece for your new accessories! You will create a custom leather cuff, learn hand-stitched designs, and a custom designer hat with Travel Patterns Brim Bar!

HOW THE BRIM BAR WORKS: The Brim Bar is a curated hat experience where you have the opportunity to create your one-of-a-kind hat. Whether you are wanting something bold and over the top, or if you prefer something a little more understated, our Brim Bar holds all the accessories you will need to create a hat that is perfectly you! With our collection of vintage scarves and brooches, dried florals, feathers, cording, and more, the possibilities are endless for unique customization.

During the experience, you’ll have the opportunity to select from two Brim styles - Fedora and Wide Brim (hat details below). Each hat comes in a variety of colors to choose from. Once you’ve selected your Brim, we’ll walk you through the process of curating from the bar, and assist you on how to put your hat together. At the end of the event, you’ll take home a fully styled one-of-a-kind hat!



Rigid crown design with pinch crease

Crown Size: 57 cm w/ adjustable inner drawstrings

Brim: 3 inches

Crown Height: 4.5 inches

Material: High-Quality Synthetic Felt


Wide Brim 

Rigid design with pinched crease


WHAT’S INCLUDED: Your ticket purchase includes learning how to create (1) an unstyled hat and a leather cuff for you to add a unique piece of hardware custom-made by you! 

You will be welcomed with a signature cocktail, a beautiful and delicious grazing board, and coffee/water for the day!

 The “bar” accessories are priced á la carte, and prices per item range from $2-20. At the end of the event, each individual will pay for the accessories that they styled on their Brim. 

Crown Size: 57 cm w/ adjustable inner drawstring

Brim: 3.75 inches

Crown Height: 4 inches

Material: High-Quality Synthetic Felt

Come to the Inspired Workshop Studio to delight in play and be inspired. 
Your day will include a welcome cocktail and a beautiful and delicious grazing board to enjoy throughout the day!