HGTV Urban Oasis 2017 House Tour

by Lucy Farmer October 19, 2022

HGTV Urban Oasis 2017 House Tour

I was thrilled to be invited to see the HGTV Urban Oasis 2017 House! I love anything HGTV and I love anything Brian Patrick Flynn! It's like a match made in heaven....especially when I get invited! 

This craftsman cottage is located in the 4th and Gill area of downtown Knoxville, Tennessee. Fun fact: Scripps Headquarters is also in Knoxville. 

Ok, let's walk up to the porch and get in this house! Wait. there's a pink door. It's millennial pink. I kinda love it and there is no way I would ever paint a door pink! haha! BPF talked about how this color pink is super popular and as he peruses Pinterest, he pays attention to what the under 30's are pinning to be on top of the trends. (I'm pretty sure he is on top of the trends without the under 30's group telling him what is hot.) He also said they wanted this house to stand out in the neighborhood. Mission accomplished. 

Paint Colors: Sherwin Williams front door: Hopeful, exterior Sea Serpent, trim Incredible White.

As we walk in the living area, there is no sofa and no tv. I think this is genius! A mix of classic and modern chairs gives everyone a place to sit and have a good conversation!  The huge piece of art is one of his favorite artists, Sally King Benedict. She created the perfect image of a family. I am so in love with the windows in this house, they are gorgeous. A beautiful wavy glass lets plenty of natural light in and highlights the blue and white tones that reappear throughout the house. 

Paint Colors: Sherwin Williams - walls Swanky Grey, trim Incredible White

As I was talking to the architects, Sean and Sara Martin, Open Door Architects, they told me that the neighborhood has the perfect reputation of sketchy and shii shii! I love this description because to me it means there are lots of places to renovate and it's the hottest place to be in the area! I got all the details of what the house looked like before. It's a craftsman cottage that was built in the 1930's that was turned into a duplex, much like many of the houses in the neighborhood. People took on tenants to help cut down on costs. This house had an apartment on the back that is now a screened in porch! 

Paint Colors: walls Swanky Gray, trim Incredible White. 

The dining area is one of my favorite rooms in the house. There are two solid walls of floor to ceiling windows that bring in beautiful natural light and BPF installed a round pedestal table that is a great size. It's seats 6, but will seat up to 9 comfortably! I love how open the room is and there are three sets of drawers standing side by side so that it seems like a long sideboard. perfection. 

Let's go ahead and talk about the kitchen. Navy cabinets, beautiful hardwood floors, marble counters....BPF says, "Always". He found a white textured tile that looks like old metal tin. It adds just a touch of femininity to the room. More natural light coming in on either side of the counter and exposed brick from the chimney show off the textures that add up to perfection in the most important room in the house! 

Paint Colors: Benjamin Moore - cabinets Van Deusen Blue, Behr - ceiling Frost, trim color match to wall tile. 

The extra wide hallway is trimmed in board and batten and has 3 light fixtures all lined up in a row to make it seem longer than it actually is. 

Paint Colors: Sherwin Williams - ceiling Krypton 

There's a guest room that continues the blue and white theme. The windows seem to perfectly frame the bed. This huge piece of art on the wall? It's a duvet that was too small for the bed. Hello, genius! There's framed bedding throughout this house. Need large pieces of art? Frame fabric, a sheet, a quilt or something with small or large pattern. done.

Paint Colors: Sherwin Williams - trim and doors Grey Matters, walls, ceiling and closet interior Passive. 

The green and brass in this bathroom give me all the praise hands. I love the hardware on the shower, that you can't really see. (sorry) It steals the show for me and I love an led light mirror. We all need led in our bathrooms.

Paint Colors: Sherwin Williams - walls Composed, vanity Raging Sea

I might just move right into the master bedroom with it's beautiful contrast of pale pink and black.  It's so dreamy and when you open that closet door? You will want it to stay open ALL. THE. TIME!!! There is Ashley Woodson Bailey CUSTOM wallpaper. Y'all. I die. I have a few of her fine art pieces and they are prized possessions! 

Paint Color: Sherwin Williams - trim doors Tricorn Black, walls and ceiling Incredible White

Gallery walls are a trademark of the designer. He can take new art, established artists, vintage pieces and non traditional pieces and make the perfect juxtaposition of interest. I love that little cat peeking out from the bottom of the lowest frame. perfect positioning! 

The master bathroom has hex tile all the way to the ceiling...of course. The architects added windows at the top of the room to bring in light and make the room feel much bigger. I love this idea! They said they do this in a lot of houses. There's a pocket door to the water closet that reveals more Ashley Woodson Bailey wallpaper and I've found my place in life. If there's more to this house, it doesn't matter to me. I'm in for the win!

Paint Color: Sherwin Williams - trim and ceiling Incredible White, Benjamin Moore - vanity Universal Black

Please don't let me stop you from continuing this tour. There is a lot more to see. Across the hall is a bunk room with a desk and shelving. It's a great guest room/office space. A bright room with ship lap trim around the built in beds. 

Paint Color: Sherwin Williams - Incredible White

As we head outside, you find that screened in porch I referenced earlier. Let me list the amenities here. Fireplace, tv, table plenty of seating, ceiling fan. It's a mini living space and in the fall and spring? This is where I'll be every afternoon! (this may be a reptile sentence once we get to the rest of the spaces in the perfect urban oasis.) I love it all. 

Let's head downstairs and on the turn you will see a couple of outdoor seating areas and a garage that is new, but is also perfect for my teenagers! 

Lots of comfy seating and amazing art filling the walls. A foosball table for that competitive person in your life!

Under the screened in porch you will find a table and chairs with a gorgeous piece of art to add color. It adds a fun element that captures your attention. 

Along the outside of the barn there is seating around an outdoor fireplace and something BPF does in a lot of projects is bring in his own artist Celery to create custom pieces. She is super talented. You will find her art in almost every room and this outdoor space is no exception. Take a look at this amazing sign she created to look like something that would have been in this area of town when the house was built. 

Last but not least, the art room. Brian asked Celery to make it look colorful and creative. She did just that. Look at all the splashes of color. If that's not inspiring. I don't know what is. 

Thanks for sticking it out. This house was a fun one to walk through. I loved getting to see lots of friends and make new ones. We had an accidental photo taken by Sarah of Our Vintage Farmhouse and I'm so glad I stood in so she could get it set up!  

I had a blast getting to tour this house and I can't wait to see who will win! Stay tuned to HGTV October 2nd through November 22nd. You will be able to enter to win this amazing Urban Oasis in Knoxville, Tennessee!

Photos © 2017 Scripps Networks, LLC.  Used with permission; all rights reserved

Lucy Farmer
Lucy Farmer


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November 21, 2017

Ugly color that pink and blue ….pillow are bad also

Jim Evans
Jim Evans

September 20, 2017

What you all have accomplished in restoring this 1925 craftsmen house is Very refreshing. A big plus for the community.

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