Living Room Wow Factor

by Lucy Farmer July 26, 2015

We are heading into Week 4 on Beach Flip. I feel like you should know that this home renovation for a tv show is actually a social project. Taking 4 teams who have never met and put them into a situation where they have little sleep, junk food, no time to call home and not see our families for 8 weeks in a pressure cooker is a social project. I feel like they should’ve had scientists taking notes in the control room while we were on and off camera. 

We depended on each other, not just Daphney and myself, but the other teams. We all brought something different to this project and we got to know each other very well late at night and on Sundays! We are still all very close. I spent the weekend with Sarah last weekend and we are so excited for Martha and Alex’s engagement! We got to see the ring last week and sent a gift basket for them to feel like we are celebrating with them! We all wanted to be there so badly! We talk every day and created friendships that will last forever. For that, I’m forever grateful!

The living room didn’t feel like much of a challenge for us since we extended our kitchen out so far… first. Knowing the open floor plan is a great way to spend time with family and friends at the beach, we were confident in our designs. 

Apparently, David doesn’t like diagonal flooring. Anywhere. Well, I think we were trying to hard. I have diagonal floors at Moonglow Lake, but it’s a different room and they are different floors. There is no transitional piece to trip over. We had our wow factor…..the ceiling. We just felt like we needed something fresh for the space. I mean, it’s an HGTV tv show where people want to learn new ideas, right? 


Of course, there are several things that weren’t shown on tv. We built a great table for two in front of our window between the kitchen and sofa. It’s great for games, coloring, working, or for a couple of people to have another spot to eat. We took an existing base, spray painted it gold and our carpenter Shane created a table top with our left over heart pine from the kitchen island. It was fantastic!! I would give anything for that table right now! We also added a plug with a USB port in the same area that creates a charging station. 

Joss & Main furniture is great and we had quite a bit to choose from. We picked a coffee table with 4 really cool bases that would fit great in our living room, but the glass was broken!! It was too late to find something else, so we chunked the glass into the dumpster and used the round bases as extra seating! Can we talk about the red console for a second? That thing is GORGEOUS! It added such an elegant touch to this room. I do love the way it all turned out. 

Can we talk about using painters cloth for a second? Seriously, you should have these in your stash at all times. They are so versatile and in this living room? They were perfection! We used the rope as our tie backs and found boat cleats from the local boat supply store to keep them in place. I love the way they have texture and are the color of the sand! 

Our art piece. We put a piece of art in every room at Southwind. We knew a mermaid would give this living room a bit of whimsy. She was created using scrap pieces of wood from our ceiling. I love the texture and if you must know….she was hung minutes before the end of the challenge and was bleeding glue!! major drippage! 

Getting ready for the guest bedroom challenge. This one was a challenge for us. Tune in and laugh with us! This should be very entertaining! Can’t wait to hear what you think. 

Don’t forget you can go to to vote for each room. We would love for you to vote for our rooms. You can keep voting for past rooms and can vote every day! Thanks for doing that and letting us know you like our designs. 

As always, check out David’s behind the scenes of each episode. You get a lot of fun info from Morning Call and around the set. 

See you on social media! We will be tweeting and posting on Instagram and Facebook during the episode and all week! find me all over the web with @lucysinspired and Daphney is @daphneymassey.

xo- Lucy

Lucy Farmer
Lucy Farmer


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