Beach Flip Mid-Way Appraisals

by Lucy Farmer July 28, 2015

OH, this week was a doozy! We bit off more than we could chew with that board and batten in the guest bedroom challenge! It looks amazing finished, but the caulking and the nailing and the spackling and the sanding and the painting!!! Wow, it was a LOT of work! 3 days was not enough time for that challenge! We did learn that if you are going to paint over purple and do a wood treatment covering the walls. You should paint the whole wall BEFORE you start adding the boards. That would have saved us so much time!!! #lessons

What wasn’t mentioned is we also had to do the landing. We completely transformed that area, too! We changed out doors, added new trim, put bead board on the ceiling, knocked out a half wall to add an iron railing and opened up the tiny closet to make a built in shelf unit at the top of the stairs! I wish I could find a photo of it. Our carpenter, Shane, created the most beautiful arch in the top. We added baskets and coral and beach towels! Ahhh, HGTV, I wanna see it all! At the same time… wasn’t finished. We had so much paint to do it was unreal! Stay tuned for the fix it challenge. I know a lot of you are wondering if we just leave those houses in a mess. We don’t! We get to go back and correct all of our mistakes! #minifan (giggle)

In this room you will see where we have art on the walls and side tables and great accessories from Joss & Main. That’s because the pictures were taken after the fix it challenge. Since the pics are up, I’ll go ahead and talk about our artwork. We took scraps of Alex and Martha’s cedar and created that cute, quirky starfish. We love the way he turned out! I wish I had made several of those!! We also threw together a few paintings. They turned out….OK. They needed a little more time and attention! Where was David when you need him? 

I want to highlight the built in bench that we put in under the awkward window in this room. We wanted the window to look like it was supposed to be there instead of being too high and an odd shape. We enlisted our amazing carpenter, Shane to do the handiwork. I will stop right now and tell you what an amazing help this guy was to us. There is absolutely no way we could’ve made it through this experience without him. He was limited in how much he could help, but he had skills and if we gave him a task, he took it on like a champ! Take a look at this bench he built. We bought baskets and had him make the cubbies custom fit. I covered a cushion with some fabric we bought at Hobby Lobby. Note I didn’t have a sewing machine, I used hot glue to put it together!! I think it turned out amazing and it literally makes this room stand out above the rest! HUGE thanks to Shane!!!

This room was one of the most fun memories of this whole thing. It was mid-way. We were worn out. We had gotten to know the other cast members pretty well and were all helping each other out in many ways. In this room the door to the left in this photo goes to an attic space. We found another door that lead to Martha and Alex’s house!! It was our secret hideout and we created all kinds of fun stories about why it was there! We also found reasons to go through there instead of down the stairs and out the door! It was very convenient when we were there late at night!

On the last night of the challenge workday, we each go into all the rooms together. We get to ooh and ahh about each teams cool work before the judges got to see them! In this challenge, we had NO lighting. Not kidding. Our fan didn’t go up in time because we hired a carpenter to help install the balustrades and he was going to hang our fan. Since he wasn’t classified as an electrician….that didn’t get to happen and the electricians got called in after to hang our light for us! So, when the other teams came through that last night? They couldn’t see a thing!

Did you see us running through the sand and up the stairs with the mattress? I literally knocked Daphney down at least twice. We had ZERO furniture and accessories with 30 minutes to go. It was crazy town and we laughed the entire time. This room was one for the record books!

The best thing about this weeks challenge is the panel of real estate professionals came in and gave us an update on where our appraisal value was according to the updates we made so far. We were blown away when they told us our numbers! The initial appraisal value on Southwind was $360,182 and mid way we are at…drumroll…………. $416,636!!! That’s almost a 15% increase! Watching Sunday night made it feel very real again! I really loved being a part of this adventure!

Can we talk about Sarah and Nick’s room for a second? I LOVED it. I mean, they killed that room. I love the color on the walls, the bedding, the window treatments and I died when I saw that table. Nick nailed that table, right? I was so happy for them to win. They just needed to get into their groove. We truly loved helping each other out over the course of the time we were there. It was hard not to help out when the other teams were feeling down. 

Now is when I tell you that you can vote for your favorite rooms. Did you know you can go back and vote for all the rooms we finished so far? Yep, you can vote every single day in every single category! So, go vote! Go look at the rooms and all the fun designs and get some cool ideas! 

If you want some laughs and to see how everyone is feeling at this point in the competition, go watch the Behind the Scenes videos with David. He is a hoot and loves to get things all riled up! 

Play along on social media. Follow me on Instagram, Periscope, Facebook, Twitter and I have a special Beach Flip board on Pinterest! My handle is @lucysinspired on everything!

I hope you are having a good week and tune in on Sunday to see us working on the Office/Den. What? I know. Who has an office/den at the beach? They love to toss it up on us! 


Lucy Farmer
Lucy Farmer


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