A Whale of a Bed

by Lucy Farmer August 04, 2015

The controversial Whale Bed cost us this challenge. I really don’t think it was the bed. I really think Mahdi and Melissa deserved to win. Did you see their room? It was fantastic. Especially if it were in Miami or California……..Gulf Shores, Alabama has never seen a room like that!!

Daphney and I took our own approach on this room. We knew an office den wasn’t what this house needed. We knew we could make it dual functional with a desk, but everyone going to Gulf Shores knows, you need sleeping spaces!! We knew the more people you can sleep, the more value! We also know Gulf Shores is a family vacationing spot. Between us we have 9 children!! We knew all of our kids from the one year old to the 19 year old would love to sleep in this cute bed! We bartered with Sarah and Nick for that cute red chair. It was actually brown and we spray painted it red. It’s the perfect pop of color on this side of the room. I LOVE that wicker chair! I would bring that one home with me! 

Now, the futon below might need a little more head room! It’s main function will be a place to sleep. We can see it being pulled out to sit on when it’s raining outside and you want to watch movies or Sponge Bob! Other than that, it will not be used as a sofa! Who wants to sit in a room that faces the road? Everyone….even when doing office work, will want to see the Gulf of Mexico! 

We went way out of the box on this one and it didn’t pay off. I will say David Bromstad didn’t LOVE our whale because he thought it was a little too cheesy and too crafty looking. I did learn a thing or two from him about using a jig saw and doing cut outs. HE IS A PRO!!!

I have to give 90% of this room to Shane, our carpenter. There is no way we could’ve done this room in TWO DAYS without him!! He pretty much did everything in this room. He tore out the closets, built the platform, built the closet, built the ladder. Whew….we actually wore him out. He left early because he was sick!! We felt so bad for him. 

This weekend warrior challenge was a challenge for sure. Doing all that we did in 2 days and demoing the bathrooms was a lot. I remember the last day being a Saturday and we always got Sundays off. I think we slept until 2:00pm that Sunday. Makes me tired all over again! 

Please go watch the behind the scenes on this one. Wait, when you watch the one of the mentors, you will see my cry. I mean ugly cry. I was on the phone with Connor and it was the night before my son, John Connor’s birthday. He was turning 13 and I had this fear that he would wake up with a deep voice and hair under his arms! I wanted to talk to him so bad and he was already asleep. Connor was trying to make me feel better, but I was so tired nothing would make it better. ugh. Those were the hardest times of this entire experience…….missing my husband and kids. At this point, I hadn’t seen them in 4 weeks. On a good note, the behind the scenes of Daphney and myself is HILARIOUS!!! I think we were delirious during the whole thing. I totally blame her for cutting the pipe in the bathtub and it wasn’t her fault! A contractor did that! hahahahaha

Vote, vote and vote again! We would love to know that you like what we’ve done so far on Beach Flip! You can continue to vote everyday and you can continue to vote on all the rooms we’ve completed so far!

Up next is the bathroom challenge. A doozy! 4 days to complete this challenge was tough. I’m pretty sure we stayed until midnight a couple of nights and until 3am one night. yikes. 

I’m on Instagram, Facebook, twitter, periscope and I have a Beach Flip Pinterest Board at lucysinspired. See ya around the internets!!

Lucy Farmer
Lucy Farmer


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