Holiday Home Tour 2015 | Moonglow Lake

by Lucy Farmer December 23, 2015

Welcome to Holidays at Moonglow Lake! I can’t believe it’s Christmas!! Thank goodness I have all of my shopping done with hours to spare! I hope you are at home or a comfortable place with family and have a nice cup of cocoa or a toddy and sit back and enjoy my home!

Our main focal point is this mantel. It makes a huge statement in our living area. We have a completely open floor plan and you can be in kitchen, dining and living room and see this, so I wanted it to feel comfortable. 

I love the up close details of this garland. It’s all artificial, but the snow on the pine straw makes it look so real! I love those vintage santa stocking holders. They just feel jolly! 

Our kitchen is on the other end of the big open room. It’s a complete mess, so there aren’t a lot of photos. I had two teenage boys here all day making cookies! So fun and yummy, but MESSY!

I’m one of those that has that weird upside down tree! I love that thing so much!! I fill it with huge red and white balls every year and am never disappointed in the way it looks. This year in the new house, Moonglow Lake, it’s on the landing going upstairs. It’s right in front of a huge window, so it’s very visible from the outside!

I feel like this drawer set can take on many personalities and it’s very neutral here! I love that Charlie Brown tree. I’ve had it for almost 6 years and it’s my all time favorite wood tree. I added those sparkly stars from West Elm and let’s talk about those sock molds for a second. OH MY. I love those things! I was in Atlanta at Scott’s a few weeks ago and saw the set on the ground and almost died!! They are from a factory and were on a conveyor belt. I broke the mold in half and voila, I have two metal stockings!! love. serious. love. 

ahhhh, My tree!!! This guy always gives me trouble. I love a real tree and decided this year I would order one. What? I know, crazy, but my schedule is crazy and I knew this would be awesome! Well, I underestimated the height and it came too small!! I couldn’t handle it. I went out and bought another one and this guy was it! I love how big it is and those dangly branches coming out everywhere! The problem is…….it fell. I lost so many fancy Christopher Radko ornaments. I wanted to crawl in the floor and pitch a fit! I kept it together and half of those ornaments you see? They are broken! haha. It’s fine. really. Just don’t look too closely!!

Just another view from one beautiful sunshiny day….unlike today! 

I felt like you should share in the crushed ornaments all over the floor. This was after I stood it back up. How about that little puppy ornament. It survived. No scratches on that puppy! ?

and then, I have beautiful friends, with beautiful hearts. My friend, Sabrina sent this too me and it couldn’t be more perfect. Santa for 2015. I will never forget her heart when I open this one each year!

I hope you enjoyed the tour! This week has been so much fun following Beth’s tour along the way! Merry Christmas to you!! xoxo Lucy

Lucy Farmer
Lucy Farmer


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